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Main reference for citing: Иванов С.Д. Интерактивный реестр геосенсоров на основе веб-приложения // Компьютерные исследования и моделирование, 2016. Т. 8. № 4. С. 621–632.

Data control

Tool Description
File manager Files user manager, import and export
Common visualisation Diagramm, histogramm, trigonogramm, Andrews plots

Petrology instruments

Tool Methods Description
Mineral identification system Rulesets Mineral identification by chemical composition
Mineralogical recalculation Recalculation methods Recalculation from wtp to pfu
Interpritation mineral composition Methods Analisys of mineral composition
Classifiaction plots Plots methods Classifiaction diagramm plots
Spidergramms Normalization methods Spidergramm plotting
Estimation of PT condition with geosensors Sensors Estimation of Pressure-Temperature conditions





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